Journal papers

List of Publications in SCI journals


101) Room impulse response based data augmentation for GAF-CNN model: Application for cough diagnosis (Prepared, H.I. Jo)

100) H.I. Jo, J.Y. Jeon, Optimal design strategy for sound diffusion in a rectangular concert hall via scale-model measurements and simulation (Prepared)

99) J.Y. Jeon, H.I. Jo, K.S. Lee, Potential restorative effects of urban soundscapes: Personality traits, temperament, and perceptions of VR urban environments (Submitted)

98) J.D. Polack, P. Taupin, H.I. Jo, J.Y. Jeon, Urban soundscapes in the imaginaries of native digital users: guidelines for soundscape design (Submitted)

97) J. Jin, Y.B. Chung, W.S. Kim, Y.G. Heo, J.Y. Jeon, J.G. Ho, J.H. Park, J.K. Jo, Development of urinal flowrate prediction and classification technology with urinary sound signals based on LSTM neural network (Submitted)

96) Y. Chung, J. Jin, H.I. Jo, H. Lee, S.H. Kim, S.J. Chung, H.J. Yoon, J. Park, J.Y. Jeon, Diagnosis of pneumonia by acoustic analysis of cough sounds and AI-based algorithm (Submitted)

95) H.I. Jo, J.Y. Jeon, Compatibility of quantitative and qualitative data-collection protocols for urban soundscape evaluation (Submitted)

94) H.I. Jo, J.Y. Jeon, Perceptual urban soundscape model: How people recognize and perceive surrounding environmental sound sources (Submitted)

93) H.I. Jo, J.Y. Jeon, A comparative study of visual environment reproduction method for emotive virtual reality in soundscape and landscape assessment (Submitted)

92) J.Y. Hong, J.Y. Jeon, Exploring associations among sound sources, human behaviors, and soundscapes in urban office and shopping streets, Building and Environment, Vol. 186, pp. 107327.

91) K.H. Kim, J.Y. Jeon, Evaluation of construction cost, time and sustainable attributes for dry wall supported by resilient channel, Sustainability, Vol. 12(19), pp. 8102.

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84) J.Y. Jeon, H.I. Jo, R.S. Seo, Effect of stage volume ratio on room acoustic parameters of concert halls, Sustainability,Vol. 12(4), pp. 1370

83) J.Y. Jeon, H.I. Jo, Effects of audio-visual interactions on soundscape and landscape perception and their influence on satisfaction with the urban environment, Building and Environment,Vol. 169, pp. 106544 



82) K.H. Kim, J.Y. Jeon, A new measurement method to determine the degree of diffusivity in reverberation chambers

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78) J.Y. Jeon, H.I. Jo, S.M. Kim, H.S. Yang, Subjective and objective evaluation of water-supply and drainage noises in apartment buildings by using a head-mounted display, Vol. 148, pp. 489-499, 2019

77) J.Y. Jeon, H.I. Jo, Three-dimensional virtual reality-based subjective evaluation of road traffic noise heard in urban high-rise residential buildings, Vol. 148, pp. 468-477, 2019

76) J.G. Seo, J.Y. Jeon, Impact of early reflection on real-time estimation of direction of arrival in different building environments, Vol. 147, pp. 434-443. 2019



75) J.Y. Jeon, J.Y. Hong, S.M. Kim, K.H. Kim, Noise Indicators for Size Distributions of Airborne Particles and Traffic Activities in Urban Areas, Vol. 10, pp. 1-19, 2018

74) J.Y. Jeon, H.S. Jang, H.I. Jo, Acoustic evaluation of orchestra occupancies in concert halls: Effect of sound absorption by orchestra members on audience acoustics, Vol. 143, pp. 349-357, 2018

73) J.Y. Jeon, J.Y. Hong, C. Lavandier, J. Lafon, O. Axelsson, A cross-national comparison in assessment of urban park soundscapes in France, Korea, and Sweden through laboratory experiments, Vol. 133, pp. 1074-117. 2018



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List of Publications in KCI journals



52) 박호철, 서로사, 서춘기, 전진용, 2019, 방송용 다목적 홀에서 배너 가변에 따른 음향 환경 변화


51) 정정호이병권전진용, 2015, 공동주택 내부 공간의 잔향시간 특성 조사 연구한국소음진동공학회

50) 김영선정정호전진용김명석, 2015, 음향 반사판의 밀도별 흡음특성  무대음향에의 영향,한국소음진동공학회



49) 이성찬전진용, 2014, 경량벽체 스터드의 진동특성  차음성능에 미치는 영향한국생활환경학회

48) 김재호김호준전진용, 2014, 터널 주행을 고려한 고속열차의 실내소음 특성 평가한국소음진동공학회

47) 장형석김재현전진용, 2014, KTX 의자 설계에 따른 객실 Speech Privacy 평가한국소음진동공학회



46) 황인환전진용김지영, 2013, 진동 계측 데이터를 이용한 명동 성당 유한요소 모델 개선한국소음진동공학회

45) 이성찬전진용, 2013, 건설공사장 소음의 위해성 평가한국소음진동공학회

44) Ryota Shimokura, 전진용이평직, Yoshiharu Soeta, 2013, Interior Noise Characteristics in Japanese, Korean and Chinese Subways, 한국철도학회

43) 전진용장형석허재영, 2013, 고령자 청각특성에 적합한 지하철 안내음 평가한국소음진동공학회



42) 김영선정정호전진용김명석, 2012, 음향 반사판의 밀도별 흡음특성  무대음향에의 영향,한국소음진동공학회

41) 김용희서춘기이혜미전진용, 2012, 1:25 축소모형 홀에서 확산체의 설치부위에 따른 실내 음향지표의 변화한국음향학회



40) 전진용서춘기이평직, 2011, 세종문화회관 소극장 리모델링 음향설계대한건축학회

39) 김동규김재현전진용박준홍, 2011, Rayleigh-Ritz법을 이용한 샌드위치 패널의 진동  소음방사 특성 분석한국소음진동공학회

38) 유승엽전진용, 2011, 벽식구조 바닥판의 중량충격음 특성 분석을 위한 축소모형의 활용한국소음진동공학회



37) 박범김동규전진용최성훈박준홍, 2010, 음질평가를 통한 고속철도 실내소음의 객관적.주관적 특성 분석한국소음진동공학회



36) 이평직심명희전진용, 2009, 수면방해에 대한 복합소음의 종류와 S/N비의 영향한국소음진동공학회

35) 유승엽연준오전진용, 2009, 중량충격원에 따른 콘크리트 바닥판의 차음특성 분석  평가에 관한 연구한국소음진동공학회

34) 전진용김정준김용희, 2009, 1:50 다목적홀의 음향평가를 위한 축소모형재료의 선정한국음향학회



33) 이창우김용희서춘기전진용, 2008, 콘서트홀 무대음향에 대한 음향 반사판의 영향한국생활환경학회

32) 김용희이창우서춘기전진용, 2008, 콘서트홀 무대에서 음향지표와 독주 연주와의 상관관계한국음향학회



31) 이평직전진용, 2006, 공동주택 입면  발코니 형상 변화를 통한 도로교통 소음 저감에 관한 연구대한건축학회

30) 전진용김용희김수연, 2006, 오페라하우스의 음향평가에 대한 시지각의 영향대한건축학회

29) 전진용유승엽정영정정호, 2006, 철근콘크리트 슬래브의 설계요소에 따른 중량 충격음의 영향대한건축학회

28) 전진용류종관김용희, 2006, 축척모형을 활용한 확산음장의 물리적ㆍ주관적 평가대한건축학회

27) 전진용정영, 2006, 제진재가 삽입된 바닥 구조의 진동특성에 대한 실험연구한국소음진동공학회

26) 류종관전진용, 2006, 공동주택 복합 생활소음의 통합 평가등급한국소음진동공학회

25) 이평직정정호박준홍전진용, 2006, 바닥충격음 측정용 표준충격원과 실충격원의 특성 비교한국소음진동공학회

24) 전진용유진김수연, 2006, 에어컨 소음의 Sound Quality 평가한국소음진동공학회

23) 유진장호연이충화정정호전진용, 2006, 주거환경에서 냉장고 소음의 음질 특성한국소음진동공학회



22) 서상호전진용, 2005, 유한 요소법을 이용한  슬래브의 2차원 바닥 충격진동 해석한국소음진동공학회

21) 유진유승엽김용희전진용, 2005, 임팩트 볼을 활용한 바닥충격음 측정  평가한국소음진동공학회

20) 류종관전진용김흥식, 2005, 청감실험을 통한 생활소음의 평가척도  기준 설정한국소음진동공학회

19) 이충화전진용, 2005, 콘서트홀에서 무대음향에 대한 확산체의 영향한국음향학회

18) 신동재전진용서형균, 2005, 콘서트홀의 무대 천장높이 변화에 의한 객석음향의 영향한국음향학회



17) 류종관신동재전진용, 2004, 다목적홀의 음향설계를 위한 1:10 축척모형의 제작  평가대한건축학회

16) 송희수전진용서상호, 2004, 완충재 유무에 따른 표준중량충격원에 의한 콘크리트 바닥 구조의 소음  진동 특성한국소음진동공학회



15) 전진용류종관유병철, 2003, 콘서트홀의 음향 예측을 위한 1:50 스케일 모델의 활용대한건축학회

14) 전진용이성찬류종관, 2003, ISO 방법론을 이용한 축소 잔향실에서의 확산계수 측정한국음향학회

13) 전진용류종관, 2003, 청감실험에 의한 공동주택 바닥충격음의 평가등급 설정한국음향학회



12) 전진용정정호, 2002, 공동주택에서 표준충격음원과 실제발생충격음원과의 대응에 관한 연구대한건축학회

11) 전진용정정호유병철정상민, 2002, 구조부위별 차음시공에 따른 공동주택의 바닥충격음 차단성능평가대한건축학회

10) 전진용정정호박해존, 2002, 바닥천장 차음시공에 따른 바닥충격음의 청감평가대한건축학회

09) 전진용이병권, 2002, 바닥천장 차음시공에 따른 바닥충격음의 청감평가대한건축학회

08) 김경호전진용, 2002, 공동주택에서의 바닥충격음 인지도 분석한국생활환경학회

07) 전진용김경호정정호류종관조문재, 2002, 주거  사무환경 챔버에서의 생활소음에 대한감성적 평가한국소음진동공학회



06) 전진용정영김상식, 2001, 공동주택 바닥충격음의 청감실험을 통한 ACF/IACF 모델링대한건축학회

05) 전진용정정호, 2001, 표준음원에 대한 Annoyance 평가  차음등급 설정에 관한 연구대한건축학회



04) 전진용이창우, 2000, 홀의 무대설계를 위한 음향요소연구대한건축학회

03) 전진용정대업조문재은희준, 2000, 바닥충격음의 주관적 평가에 관한 연구한국음향학회



02) 전진용, 1997, 호주의 환경영향평가한국생활환경학회



01) 전진용, 1996, 실의 음향특성에 대한 음악가의 평가대한건축학회